About Us – The Best Nootropics, Nutrition, and Sports Supplements

Zoned Nutrition was founded in August, 2012, and is a premier dietary supplements company based in Salem, OR, and with offices in Las Vegas, NV. Much like our native Northwest region, our company is health-centric. We are meticulous in our product science, dedicated to our own workouts, and pursue excellence in both the fitness and business worlds. We work with our customers everyday and only put out top quality products that serve a need. Here’s our pledge:

  • No deceptive marketing
  • Tried and true ingredients and products
  • Product satisfaction guarantees
  • Friendly and fast customer service

We offer a wide range of unique and innovative dietary supplements. Zoned and Zoned PURE are cognitive enhancing nootropics, which have been scientifically shown to increase mental focus, brain efficiency, and overall physiological productivity. If you are looking for an edge in the professional world, cramming for the LSAT, or just looking to have some more focus and mental clarity, then our top selling nootropic products are for you. We also have an all natural anti anxiety and stress, anti-depressant, and rest and recovery product called Zen7. It is the perfect addition to your daily supplement regimen to make sure that your mind is always at peace, regardless of the stresses of life. It provides a peaceful feeling to the mind and body that can stop a panic attack, help you sleep better, or just put you at a sense of natural calm and well being. It is the perfect way to end a Zoned-powered productive day and get the rest you need and deserve–stress free!

We also support a vast base of amazing athletes with our cutting edge sports and nutritional supplements. Our products include reDfine, an amazing and all natural thermogenic fat burner and muscle toner. Our two variants of pre-workout powders are effective¬†and delicious:¬†preIGNITE, which doesn’t promote bloating and is “women friendly,” and preIGNITE INTENSE, which is a powerful supplement for hardcore athletes and bodybuilders. We also have recently introduced an all natural, organic, and gluten free whole foods bar called RAWBAR.

No matter your mental or physical needs, we got your back. We always offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all of our products in case our customers aren’t 100% satisfied, but we are confident you won’t need it.