The 5 W’s of Proper Supplementation

Zoned Nutrition is, first and foremost, a dietary supplement company, so it stands to reason that this article was coming at some point! With so, so, SO many supplements on the market–literally millions–and more coming out every day, which ones are useful? Can you trust us and ours (yes, keep reading to find out why…)? How do you take them, which ones, and why? This is part of my daily regimen when training clients, because–and especially here in Hollywood–some new million dollar miracle pill is on the market every day, and “Dr Oz” said it is “magic, Phil, it is MAGIC!.” Easy there tiger. I am sure Mehmet is enthused at your love for his great wisdom (and let’s be straight, the guy is a GENIUS).

But you’re not the only one who loves him.. so does the FDA… and FTC… and FCC… the fact is that, Oz, in all his greatness and true, genuine smartness, is still a fallible human. From several sources who know him, they’ve even told me that he is an awesome, truly nice guy. BUT! I bring up those government organizations, because Dr. Oz has been all but accused of blatantly lying, supporting products and pitching them as “miracles and magic” to endorse them, and just stood trial as a result. Some supplements do nothing. Others truly DO help, and have scientific backing, but regardless, DIET AND EXERCISE are necessary.


So, now, let’s go into the simple 5 W’s of supplements, wherein I hope to succinctly answer many of you burning questions:


What? Dietary supplements are ANY non-diet/food-based product that you ingest. It can be a chewable, gummy, pill, powder, tablet, sublingual lozenge, or other. You could even lather it as a cream or inject some… or stick it up your butt! It can be a fish oil, a vitamin, a sleep aid, a pre workout, a stimulant, an anti anxiety aid, or other. A dietary supplement in the US is not restricted like a pharmaceutical prescription either, because it must be “generally regarded as safe” or GRAS-compliant. The point is that it is a SUPPLEMENT, meaning an aid, in addition to, a help, and NOT your foundation. Supplements may help with muscle growth, fat loss, increasing micronutrients, re-partitioning macronutritents and controlling hormones, and more, but that is a SECONDARY, SUPPLEMENTAL function. This assumes that you already have a healthy diet and exercise regiment in place. I repeat, we, A SUPPLEMENT COMPANY, do have scientifically-backed, proven, safe, effective products, but they do not excuse bad health habits and laziness. They are not miracle cures. Do not believe anyone touting anything else, it is most likely a shady product and a company without integrity.

Why? As I alluded to above, people (consumers), take supplements for TONS of reasons. This is a +$20 billion market after all! Sadly, many are misled and either take them for the wrong reasons, or simply take low quality, useless “herbs” that may not even contain the ingredients they say on the label. Did you know that as high as 1/3 of supplements DO NOT contain the full quantity and contents of what they say they do on the label? For a hilarious, direct, and fact-checked version to verify this, see John Oliver’s Rant below:

But, why, then, SHOULD you take our supplements? Hopefully you watched the clip above. We WANT YOU to laugh, to know the truth, and to understand that WE, Zoned Nutrition, are different. All of our products are 3rd party tested for purity, and have FDA-approved ingredients made in cGMP professional facilities. We stand at the top of quality, innovation, and customer-care in our industry. You should take OUR supplements, and other well respected supplements, to help you reach your health and fitness goals. You should have a daily multi-vitamin and joint formula, our Zen 7 as a safe night time aid and stress reliever, reDfine and an ACTUALLY effective and safe appetite suppressant and fat burner, etc… You see, with true ingredients, in proper doses, and proper transparency, supplements are indeed an extra massive boost to kick your fitness into high gear, but there is a lot of bad stuff out there. Be careful, research for YOURSELF (you know how big I am on self-education and empowerment!) and then make your OWN decisions on what to put in your body. That is our philosophy.

When? This is a simple one, so I won’t confuse you. You should use various supplements at various times. Are you trying to gain muscle, get more energy, lose weight, replace electrolytes, and so forth? Maybe it is a really stressful time in your life so you need a natural sleep aid? There are some staples you should, in my opinion, ALWAYS have, and those are a high quality fish oil, multi-vitamin complex, and quality protein source.

Where? Again, you can trust us. There are other reputable brands as well. Look into not only the ingredients, but the reputation of the company.I buy ALL my non Zoned supplements online, because I can research them, and they are just way cheaper than paying for products from a retail location.

Who? Everyone, young and old, should likely be taking high quality supplements. With GMO, non-organic food, less fertile soil, and so many other factors at play, I prefer to play on the better safe than sorry side. If you have $$ millions and, the most important thing, TIME, to buy, prepare and eat raw, organic, quality food, and be cooking fresh delicious meals, then yes, I am sure you can get ‘enough’ from your diet only. But that applies to about… 1% of us. Multi vitamins, sports supplements, and the like, when made with pure and high quality ingredients, make a SIGNIFICANT difference in energy levels, muscle gains, weight loss, physique aesthetics, and more. For regular people this is huge, for athletes this is CRITICAL.