NEW YEARS: New labels, product names, and products!

Ladies and gentlemen, what a year! Out with 2013, and in with a bigger, better, and even healthier 2014 – Happy New Year!


First and foremost, we would like to thank you for your continued support and loyalty. This past year has been a great one for Zoned Nutrition, and we are happy to have connected with so many new clients and customers. Our customer satisfaction, re-order rate, and referrals are through the roof, so for this, we say you! We knew that you would love our products, are we happy to sustain our promise to continually improve and innovate, bringing you an entirely new range of performance health products in the new year. Here are some changes that have already taken place on the website:


Zoned has a sharp new look with eco-friendly packaging, featuring attractive foil labels that will now encompass our rebranded image across our entire product range. Same great formula, new improved look.

Kezoned Ignite has changed names and it’s look, and is now called reDfineThe ingredients are the same high quality ones you already know and love. Just like this product has helped your body to change for the better, so has our products image!

-Pre-Zoned has changed to preIGNITE also with a new label. Again, nothing has changed with the product ingredients, only the look has evolved.


That changes the status quo right now. Coming in early January, we are extremely pleased to announce that we will be adding four new products that are very effective and unique to our brand:

RAWBAR – A 100% natural whole foods bar with a perfect balance of protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fat-burning fats. Oh, and they are DELICIOUS!

Zoned PURE – A completely stimulant and energy free focus product. It is geared at complete mental clarity and cognition enhancement. A pure nootropic.

Zen 7 – This beautiful creation is a natural stress reliever with potent detoxifying qualities. Unwind, chill out, take the edge off and fight off nerves! Or, simply enjoy a deep and peaceful sleep full of recovery and regeneration. Safely. It’s truly a remarkable natural remedy.

preIGNITE INTENSE – This is a second version of our already great preIGNITE, geared at the competitive crossfit and bodybuilding level athletes. INTENSE… get ready for action!!