The “Quickie” Home Workout – Make the most of 15 minutes

Would you ever pass up a quickie? I didn’t think so…. well, if you pass up a workout, think how sad and rejected you have just made the exercise gods feel…

Let’s face it, sometimes we truly are so crazy busy that going to the gym is not possible. Kids, work, traveling, etc… whatever the reason, 1 hour in the gym + drive to and from time + kid watch if you need it + shower time, etc… the fastest of us can do it all in 1 hour flat, the slowest need 2. When that is not realistic, do NOT make the excuse that so many of us do; “Meh, I guess I’ll skip today, there’s no time…” LIESSSS! FALSE! Every time you say that, just picture me doing this:


Okay, so then… you actually, truly DO NOT have time to go to the gym… what do you do? Now, if you have a little bit of disposable income, there is absolutely no better way to get a home workout than using the TRX (pictured below). This amazing, warranty-covered, suspension training system lets you get a full body workout virtually anywhere on earth, for the price of a few months of a gym membership. You can use it on a tree (I’ve done it) a door (I’ve done it) a railing (check) a porch swing (yep) and so forth… also, it weighs like… 1 lb, you can pack and bring it anywhere on earth. Click the picture to buy it on Amazon, it really is worth it — what else on Amazon has an almost perfect 5 star rating with hundreds of verified reviews?


But let’s say you are on a budget, in college, or otherwise intimidated by said TRX pictured above (but seriously.. my 4 year old can do it, properly, and she loves it!) then here is an AWESOME home workout to train all your major muscle groups, get your anaerobic system up, boost those muscle-growing hormones, and revitalize your energy for the day:


2 sets of 20 burpees, 60 seconds rest between sets

Trust me, 40 burpees is MORE than enough to get you warmed up 😉 If you can’t do full-range burpees, then do not do a full pushup, and support yourself with your knees at the bottom.

Working sets:
You will do these as super sets (meaning NO break in between) between corresponding A1-B1, A2-B2, and A3-B3. After 1 full super set (i.e. A1-B1) then rest 60 seconds, and go on to number 2 (A2-B2 back to back with no brake), then number 3. Complete AS MANY ROUNDS as possible, with a timer set for 15 minutes.

A1: 20 pushups (on knees if need be)
10 pullups (if you cannot do pullups, then JUMP up to the pullup bar and do 10 negatives, meaning you lower yourself as slowly as possible from the top to the bottom, 10 times.)
20 v-ups


B1: 20 squats (full depth)
B2: 20 lunges
B3: 30 seconds static plank-holds

Well, there we go guys! That will really, really get you pumped up, energized, and feeling great. Furthermore, it will workout your entire body in a very short period of time. If you can get over 2 full rounds in, you’re doing pretty well. 3+ and you are killing it! If you feel a lack of energy, try out preIGNITE INTENSE pre workout for that extra boost, it makes a huge difference!