‘MURICA – Land of the healthy, Home of the Fit… Slowly but surely

Ya, ya… We have heard it all before: America is the fattest nation on earth… FALSE! That honor now belongs to Mexico. Wooooooooohoooo. We’re #2, we’re #2, goooooooooo USA USA USA!!! But, in truth, that is cause for celebration. It means that slowly but surely, our nation is catching on. (Or is it simply that Mexico is falling behind?)

Mexico, no nos sigues! Por favor, salvate mientras te quede tiempo y no te ahogues en tu comida tan deliciosa!!!

There is nothing more American than winning (to a fault, many times) but we are certainly NOT winning the health race. That said, there is definitely progress in the right direction. We are heading in the right direction with preventative medicine, exercise and dietary habits, childhood obesity, and more.

On this, the 4th of July, Independence Day, I expect we’ll all indulge. I know I already have, and still will… A little cheat day once a week or so is actually beneficial for us! Not only does the massive calorie boost ignite our metabolism to rev higher, but it also psychologically pleases us, which releases endorphins thus making us feel good, as well as releasing stress and thereby lowering our stress hormone that stores fat–cortisol! It’s a win win win!!!! Tasty food, feel happy, and burn more calories!!! As long as it is infrequent and in moderation, then it is true, you really can eat hamburger and pizzas. Now THAT is American!

If over-eating and indulging too much is your problem, I would suggest trying our natural fat burner, reDfine, which helps suppress appetite and control sugar cravings. It makes a noticeable difference in your desire to consume mass quantities of food by both boosting your metabolism and helping your brain and body feel full and satisfied (which it is) so that you do not overeat. Trust me, you don’t want to be like this kid:


In closing, act like a TRUE American today. Be nice, be kind, be thoughtful. #kindnessismagic . As Mother Theresa once said: “It is better to be kind than to be right.” As such, spend the day wisely, spend it with friends and family and neighbors. Give some food to a homeless person. Help save a scared dog from the crazy fireworks. Just be kind. You may be a fit, healthy, sexy person, but if your character is not kind, than what are you really?