3 Day Workout Split: Beginner to Intermediate Bodybuilding Routine

As I talked about in yesterday’s article, growing muscle is THE BEST way to look good and “toned,” and be healthy at the same time. This applies equally to men and women. Yes, bodybuilding routines are the best way to get that aesthetic look. Feel free to add in spinning, cycling, yoga, running, and more, but DO NOT NEGLECT traditional weightlifting if you want defined, well shaped, and strong muscles. Today I will unravel the ancient mystery of effective weight training.

ancient-aliensAs I am sure you know, it all started when ancient aliens first came to earth…. Although I wish that were true (I love that guy. His hair is out of this world, almost as if… aliens… did it? and his ability to tie together COMPLETELY unrelated things and make it seem like aliens are the only possibility… an unmatched talent.) He is like the Tim Howard of aliens…

Back to working out though. It is much simpler than you might think. Again, that next level Hulk-like look… not gonna happen. You won’t blow up, but you will gain some quality, defined, strong, sexy muscle, and you will do it relatively fast. Those good old “newbie gains” when you first start working out with an effective weightlifting and resistance routine start in as little as 2 weeks and can cruise for up to 6 months straight before your first plateau!
Before EACH workout, do a little 5-10 minute warm up routine. Personally, I like to do a 5 minute light jog followed by 20 jumping jacks and 10 burpees. The purpose of the warmup is to get your heart rate up, get your body ready to work hard, and activate your muscles so they aren’t cold.

REMEMBER: Use a “pyramid” technique, wherein you pick a weight where you can get 12 reps, then add a little weight to do 10, then add a little more to do 8 reps. If you are + or – 1 rep, that is okay, but you will need to use some trial and error on each exercise to find your true starting weight for your 12-10-8 regimens. On set 4 (where 4 sets are designated), do AS MANY reps as you can with the last weight used. Once you know your starting weight, it is all uphill from there. Add weight, with good form, as fast as you can keep up! See and feel the results come 🙂

Here is a 3 day workout to get you started:

3 Day Weight Lifting Routine

Always, always, always, ALLLLWWWWAAAYYYSS lift with good form. Check your ego at the door. If you do not have full control of the movement at every point, then it is too heavy. When you bicep curl, you shouldn’t have sore shoulders. When you do triceps, do not flare your elbows out. When you bench press, feel the squeeze in your chest. Create a mind-muscle connection and really make sure that you feel the workout in the proper place that you should. Ask a gym attendant or trainer for help if you are unsure. And, finally, work HARD!

The results come in direct proportion to how much effort you are exerting, and how goo your diet is. You spend 1 hour in the gym, 8 hours sleeping (ideally) , and 15 hours doing what? Hopefully, not just sitting still and eating junk. Eat clean, be active, train hard, and hit the gym properly. Then you will get the results that have always escaped you. Let’s end with some good-looking motivation!

Famous female fitness model Jamie Eason and Hugh Jackman, because Aliens, and because he is awesome, ripped, and Wolverine.

Jamie Livelift